Jeff Thorne

Preparing for the Worst: How to Prepare for a MOL Incident Investigation

No one wants to think about what if, but what if a critical injury, or worse, a fatality happened at your work site? Would you be prepared for a Ministry of Labour investigation? Every organization needs to be prepared and have adequate systems in place to be able to respond to any event.

Failing to have measures in place to prevent incidents and failure to respond appropriately in these circumstances can lead to additional scrutiny and potential charges.

This free webinar will provide you with tips and suggestions in order to be prepared for a Ministry of Labour visit.

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About Jeff Thorne

Jeff Thorne is the Manager of Training and Consulting at Occupational Safety Group Inc. Through the past decade at OSG, Jeffs knowledge, insight and ability to communicate and foster positive safety discussions and solutions has assisted OSG in becoming a leader in occupational health and safety.

Jeffs extensive background in communication and knowledge of not only the legal but practical application of health and safety principles is demonstrated through the fifty plus courses that he has authored and delivered over his career. His background in health and safety education and passion for adult learning provides a unique delivery style when it comes to training and educating others, one that is always upbeat and memorable. Also Jeff has worked with the Canadian Association of Provincial Safety Councils.