Laura Williams

Preventing Bullying and Violence in the Workplace: 5 Key Strategies for Employers

Practical strategies to help mitigate the legal and bottom-line risks associated withe workplace violence and bullying

It was once assumed that a certain level of bullying was just a part of doing business. In some cases, that abuse might have even extended to outright violence. Such was the reality for many Canadian employees, but those days are long past.

Now governments, courts and tribunals have drawn a clear line in the sand. Violent or harassing behaviour will no longer be tolerated. But despite a raft of legislative changes and judicial rulings, not to mention a growing recognition of the impact that violence and bullying can inflict on its victims — from depression to diminished productivity — the reality is that employers still struggle to eradicate these behaviours from their workplaces. That’s assuming, of course, that ownership or management aren’t the perpetrators in the first place.

Join Laura Williams, principal at labour and employment law firm Williams HR Law, for an insightful and informative webinar — Preventing bullying and violence in the workplace: 5 key strategies for employers.

Laura will present practical strategies to help employers mitigate the HR law and bottom-line risks associated with workplace violence and bullying. She’ll cover a range of important topics including:

• Proactive employment contract and policy design

• Management training strategies

• Bullying and harassment investigation requirements and methods

• Tactics to restore workplace morale and culture

PRESENTER: Laura Williams, Williams HR Law

Laura Williams has more than 15 years of experience providing strategic advice and representation to employers on a full range of labour and employmenet matters, including pre-termination advice and strategy, workplace safety and insurance, wrongful dismissal actions, union organizing and certification, grievance arbitration, human rights, privacy, employment standards, workplace policies, procedures and employment contracts. Her focus is to provide proactive advice designed to minimize workplace law challenges, maximize employee engagement and boost their bottom line performance. Her specialty is providing effective and comprehensive solutions that reduce liability and costs derived from ineffective and non-compliant workplace practices.

Laura is regularly engaged by organizations and firms as an investigator on various issues including workplace violence, harassment, sexual harassment, violence, employee discipline, fraud, health and safety, and disability management issues. She has also been featured in various industry magazines and human resources publications, providing expertise and insights on a wide range of employment law and employee engagement issues. Laura speaks frequently at HR law seminars and conferences, and regularly conducts workshops and training for human resources professionals and managers operating in a variety of sectors.